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[ Online ] Strong flow (ENG)

Dinsdag 13 apr, 18:30 UUR
Dinsdag 13 apr, 18:30 UUR
Daniela Agius
gegeven doorDaniela Agius
Dinsdag 13 apr, 18:30UUR

Strong Flow 

The Creative & Dynamic 

The flow lessons are a concatenation of postures with connection in breathing. The Strong Flow class is based on techniques of various yogaforms, the postures follow each other at a rhythmic pace.

The flow lessons are a mix of styles, surprisingly creative and with lots of variety. In those creative dynamic lessons we move smoothly through the various postures to the rhythm of our breathing. There is room to challenge yourself, to explore your physical and mental limits, whereby the main focus is on respect for yourself and your body.
In this lesson, we use "Kramas"- or the different levels of an attitude. Everyone can find depth at his/her own level and experience the energetic effect.
We play with different themes, such as elements from nature or the Chakras.

This active yoga class provides:
• A powerful and flexible body
• Rest in your head by moving consciously
• Proper breathing for tension relieve 
• Unity of body and mind
• Harmony with yourself