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Ashtanga (ENG) [zaal 2]

Vrijdag 04 dec, 16:00 UUR
Vrijdag 04 dec, 16:00 UUR
Daniela Agius
gegeven doorDaniela Agius
Vrijdag 04 dec, 16:00UUR


An active (Yang) yogaform, based on series of basic postures that form a fluid whole, by which you can experience flow- also called "Vinyasa" in Sanskrit. This form does make tension disappear and it ensures better posture and fat burning.
Become aware of the connection between your body & mind and experience space for unity and harmony.

Vinyasa offers you:
  • Stability, strength and trust
  • Powerful and flexible muscles
  • Better posture
  • A quiet mind by moving consciously
  • Meditation through movement