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Vinyasa & Pranayama [ ENG ] [zaal 2]

maandag 07 dec, 09:00 UUR
maandag 07 dec, 09:00 UUR
Daniela Agius
gegeven doorDaniela Agius
maandag 07 dec, 09:00UUR

Breath as foundation

In all the activities that we do, irrespective of how slow or fast the pace is, the breath is our anchor.
In the yoga practice, whether it is during meditation or a more physically active class, the breath is our foundation, there to support and sustain us with Prana (energy).

The practice of Pranayama

In this Vinyasa (Soft) & Pranayama Class, the practice of Pranayama is central. Pranayama can be described as a yogic exercise in respiration where a variety of breathing techniques are applied and repeatedly practiced to help gain better control of the breath. Over time, it brings benefit both to the respiratory and the nervous system, making the practice equally favourable to the mind (emotions) and the physical body. 

Breathing & Movement

Pranayama goes hand in hand with asanas (postures) and purposely incorporated into this class to create a balanced session of controlled breathing and movement. 

This class is suitable for everyone, including those who tend to lose track of their awareness to the breath. Don't we all from time to time?